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Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

Year Made: 1982

Year Review: 2021

Quote: "Revenge is a dish... Best served cold" - Khan

My Review:

So lets start this review on a high note this time. The uniforms are soooo much better, finally.

They didn't take an hour to show off a ship that looks like the head of it was made out of a baseball cap.

Bones is still the best thing since sliced bread.

The crew finally got a sense of human emotion.

And the transporters got better.

Anyway, now onto the main part of this show, the negative part O^O

Lets talk tricorders.

WHAT ARE THOSE?! They look like a phone from the 1970s! Also congratulations Kirk on punching your son you didn't know existed. I don't know whether Khan is dumb or really stupid...…. Wait.

The way they load torpedo's looks like they are in a World War II submarine.

Music sounds like its from Psycho or Jaws.

There should be a flash warning because now I can see through space and time. Also I love how willingly the guy on Khan's crew falls over the banister even through he's sitting down. Got to love that commitment to the grave. XD

Is it that hard to shut the coms lady up?

At sad moments like when Spock's "dies" you really wish that the sound quality was better.

In Conclusion: Much better than the last one, I am impressed..... slightly. But it is a very funny and emotional film. Good Job 1982


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