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Star Trek: The Voyage Home

Year Made: 1987

Year Review: 2021

Quote: "I'm from Lowa, I only work in outer space" -Kirk

My Review:

So we start this jolly review talking about how annoying Volkan computers are, in case you didn't know, they are. O^O

In fact, every computer in Kirk's time are annoying.

-Now lets learn numbers with Sulu (warp 1 warp 2 warp 3 warp 4)

Turns out that Time Travel is equivalent to consuming a bucket full of weed. (I don't recommend it, at ALL) The crew enters the 21st Century, this is confirmed by Spock when he reads the level of pollution. They land the ship in a park and them two men notice a white light appearing out of nowhere and 5 people come out of it. Don't be noticeable he said, try to blend in he said.

"and I'll be your tour guide" who? a pink unicorn?? Now watch a short movie of whale slaughter, Lovely O^O

These are totally real whales and not CGI!

Welcome to the 21st Century! Where everyone says "hell" in every sentence and dresses up like the 1980s!

"Graces pregnant" well Spock, that was a delicate as a sledgehammer O^O

Now lets watch Scotty talk to a NORMAL computer, I worry for his health sometimes ;-;


"Whales born in captivity don't normally survive in the wild" That's because they don't know how to HUNT! Starfleet protocol for being taken hostage: Play Dumb O^O

Finally, the film ends with two plastic whale backs floating into the sun rise.

In Conclusion: Very funny movie, a few "questionable" holes but other than that, an ok film. So well done 1987 film producers. (also evidently the only decent films in the star trek film series are the even ones)


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