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Star Trek: The Search for Spock

Year Made: 1984

Year Review: 2021

Quote: "Be careful what you wish for" - Uhura

My Review:

First things first, I need to address the Klingon on the Bridge.... Why the hell are rugby players Starfleets security?? And for the sake of humanities sanity, someone shut that computer alarm up!

-Montage of close shots of lips and eyes

-Volkans are very pushy people

-Kirk stares into your soul when he says 'I swear'

-Starfleet are annoying people

Does anyone ever shut the machinery up? Transporters took a set back from improvement because now I can't hear anything. Can't be a Star Trek movie without over dramatic music.

Now lets watch Genesis go through global warming and an ice age at the same time, totally makes sense. Let just take a moment to congratulate Starfleets laziest captain, clap it up. Klingon captains have temper tantrums, real mature. Klingon ships look like the green army men from Toy Story. I never thought I'd see a space ship stand off. What kind of stun setting was that?!! Even if it didn't kill him, the force of the stun would break his back! Starfleet there's clearly a design flaw. Epic animated Kirk falling over.

When it takes Scotty, Chekov and Sulu to figure out how to go forward on a Klingon ship. Congratulations Kirk, you now killed a planet.

In Conclusion: It was OK, took a step back from the second film though. So its more of a Meh this time.


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