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Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country

Year Made: 1991

Year Review: 2021

Quote: "A bird of prey cannot fire when she's clocked" - Scotty

My Review:

Right.... Well 3:30 in and I'm already complaining about the music. "I like my music loud and lengthened unnecessarily, I don't" O^O

Also Kirk, are you ok? You're either out of breath all the time or you're reading small prink on the script. Bring Sulu back please! This new girl is one inch away from standing outside of your window at night O^O

Everyone in this universe is either deaf or blind, or just plain stupid. ;-;

Spock Holmes who??

Klingon daughter looks like she slammed her face on her makeup. Bones is the only person in this universe that could make a joke out of being prosecuted for murder.

The judge looks like Dumbledore. Now lets skip to a planet full of REALLY 'nice' Klingons and REAL 'snow' O^O (totally not sarcasm)

Creepy pixie girl over here has 'Sus' (suspicious) written all over her smug face. Best quote ever from Chekov "If Boot Fits, Wear It"


It really is amazing how anything with a purple filter looks like alien ;-;

I think its safe to say that the Enterprise is very famous for: " Screw the laws of the Federation!" Oh and Now miss shape shifter can change her voice. This Pixie woman trying to act all smart when she's already caught. Spock over here giving this girl brain damage now. Great vote of confidence Scotty "We're dead"

So now we know that not only is Kirk Athiest, but also racist believing that all species are human. Scotty soaking up the praise for 'Kirk's' speech XD

In Conclusion: Funny movie and quite touching at the end. Shame that Sulu's not on the bridge of the Enterprise in the last scene but that's that I guess. Anyway, great way to end the voyages of an outstanding crew.


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